GAAP - God Answers All Prayers is a faith-based, professional organization that trains individuals, churches and non-profit organizations on the art of Grant Writing. The founders are Edward and Annette Evans Smith, who have been instrumental in training thousands of participants on grant writing and seeking for the past 20 years throughout Texas.

EDWARD C. SMITH is the President of GAAP Grant Writing Training which is a professional faith-based, non-profit organization/small business. I am experienced in developing and conducting Grant Writing Training Workshops and Seminars.

GAAP’s Team of experts currently train non-profit organizations, churches, small businesses and individuals on the art of grant writing and grant seeking, obtaining your 501(c)3 and writing a strategic business plan. We have been instrumental in training thousands of participants for the past 20 years throughout Texas and virtually.

Edward Smith, Grant Writing Training Specialist

Conducting Grant Writing Training Seminars and Consultation


At GAAP, we combine three classes in one - making the workshops practical in cost and attendance. GAAP separates itself from other grant writing training workshops by giving participants the opportunity to perform hands-on exercises. Our goals are to expose you to the world of grant research, grant writing and tracking your proposal package. Our services are: 

Grant Training- Learn the basics of : *Researching Grants *Grant Writing and *Grant Management

Grant Consultation- Virtual Customized Sessions for *Grant Seeking *Grant Writing *Team Building

Products and Services

If you able to participate in our grant writing training classes, here are some great sources and tools!

Grant Writing Workshop

$ 150

Grant Writing Training Workshop includes fees for expert presentations on grant writing, grant seeking, obtaining a 501c3, writing a strategic business plan, lite lunch and training manual. Whether you are a first-time grant writer or a veteran, drafting a grant proposal can be a daunting task. Come and learn the techniques to write a winning grant proposal.

Grant Consultation

$ 75 hour

As a professional Grant Consultant, we offer customized training sessions on grant seeking (research). We hold your hand through the process as you learn how to draft a grant to assist you in competing for grant funds for your program/projects and managing the funds after the grant is awarded. GAAP has experience conducting Grant Writing Training for over 20 years.

Manual - Grant Writing

$ 60 Download

This training manual provide the most up-to-date grant examples and grant research information to assist you in applying for grant opportunities. Whether you are a first-time grant writer or a veteran, drafting a grant proposal can be a daunting task. Utilize our Grant Writing Training Manual to assist you in drafting your next proposal with ease. GET YOURS TODAY!

Seminar Gallery

What are People Saying About the Seminar?

“The Grant Writing Workshops are very valuable to businesses and nonprofit organizations. GAAP is very thorough and knowledgeable about the information ”

N. Arrington Seminar Attendee

“I have known this very humble dynamic duo for several years and they are an excellent resource with a wealth of knowledge regarding grant writing.”

V. Jolie Seminar Attendee

“ I am truly excited and so happy to have been present in this workshop. This was an investment that was worth it. I will tell my friends and family. ”

D. Sneed Miller Seminar Attendee


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